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Consumer Product Photos

This page features consumer product thumbnail samples.

vintage car rims on a red sportster This vintage, red sportster automobile features shiny, chrome wheels and low-profile tires.  As you can see from this photograph, custom rims can greatly enhance the appearance of an antique motor vehicle!
The small rear window, common on coupes of this era, provides limited rear visiblity.


black cell phone battery charger All cellular phones run on battery power, and this photograph shows a USB-interface charger with a lithium ion battery.  Most cell phone batteries use efficient lithium ion technology.
This battery charger converts 110-240 volts AC power from a wall outlet to 4.2 volts or 5.0 volts DC power for a cell phone battery.


chocolate gifts in a basket A wicker basket is filled with white, dark, and milk chocolate bars plus assorted chocolate candies.  The red ribbon on the basket suggests that this basket is intended as a special gift.
Prominently placed milk chocolate squares with raised hearts hint that this basket is intended for someone's sweetheart!


family skiing at a ski resort A happy family enjoys a winter vacation at a ski resort.  The family is photographed in warm outerwear on a snowy slope, with their skis propped up behind them.
Both parents and children wear ski helmets for protection from head injuries while skiing down the slopes.


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